"You are an entrepreneur and you have an idea, a goal - a vision! We have
experience and knowledge that can make it easier for you to reach that goal."

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The expression stands for future - a better future is the primary motivator for most of us - an essential part of an improved future is based on better financial conditions, individually as well as for all of us. We can help you to foresee what the future may hold in order to maximize your available resources.

We have worked for more than 35 years in audit, accounting and advice. Audit has as its aim assurance that the annual report gives a true and fair view. of the results and the status of the entity. The background has been advice on how to present the efforts achieved according to valid rules and regulations. Audit is, however, an assurance of something that has already happened - now we will also try to add value to your future reporting.

In the near future audit will no longer be mandatory for the SME sector - it will then be even more important to present your achievements correctly. Our job is to assist you, the entrepreneur, to present the results of your efforts in the most efficient way to achieve your objectives. Our experience and knowledge in this field are your guarantee.

Also when there is no mandatory demand for independent assurance - management, owners and partners still need to be sure that the reports of the enterprise are correct. You would not do business with suppliers and customers where the records are either not reliable or unclear.

Our strategy will be to work with the idea as a whole whilst making a sound assessment of its future prospects - in other words, to develop and present your original concept as a powerful and lasting solution.

We are situated in our own newly built offices at Göteborgsvägen 73 in Sävedalen - easily reachable for visits, close to the E20 highway, 10 minutes from the centre of Gothenburg and 20 minutes from the Landvetter or City Airports - comfortable parking facilities.

Day-to-day cases:

A branch of a German unit operates in Sweden and Denmark - needs VAT, withholding taxes and payroll handled.

A successful athlete wants to exploit his goodwill by way of promotional activities.



We provide our services to a lot of entrepreneurs - in the national as well as the international field.


We handle their financial and administrative responsibilities -they handle their areas of expertise.