"You are an entrepreneur and you have an idea, a goal - a vision! We have
experience and knowledge that can make it easier for you to reach that goal."

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We provide advisers with an individual commitment to the client before us - in areas where we and our network of specialists possess relevant, up-to-date skills. We advise family-owned businesses with reference to Tax, Finance and Company law.

Advice for owner managed businesses embraces Tax advice, Financial advice and Commercial law.

If you click on "Links" you will find a list of useful areas of interest. As your close advisor we are best placed to provide you with individual recommendations for you and your business.

Choice of legal form of business - pros and cons of the different options.
What are the tax consequences we have to consider - how do we influence the tax cost on a short - as well as long-term basis?



Is a private limited company the best choice for me?


We can tell you what is on its way in legislation.